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PROFILE: "Saving the planet, one camel at a time"

NONPROFIT SUPPORT SERVICES works exclusively for nonprofit organizations, and we are specialists in all aspects of nonprofit law.

Our office motto is "Helping The People Who Change The World," and that is how we view our job. We passionately believe in and support the vital work done by our nonprofit clients - who feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, help the sick and injured, eliminate poverty, protect the environment, work for worldwide peace and cooperation, support the rights of indigenous peoples, protect human and civil rights, prevent cruelty to animals, defend the innocent, protect human health and safety, enrich society with art and music, operate schools and educate the young, expand religion and spirituality, promote economic justice and economic opportunities, encourage socially responsible business, and provide opportunities for people to share and enjoy their social and recreational pursuits - and in all of these ways make this a better world. We do everything we can to help each of our nonprofit clients accomplish its own unique and important mission.

About Our Staff:

=> David Atkin
=> Timothy Brewer
=> Mark Jordan
=> Lynette Williams
=> Elizabeth Albrecht

We are uniquely specialized and able to provide nonprofit organizations with high-quality legal advice and organizational guidance in an area of law often overlooked, or practiced as a "sideline" by other lawyers. It can be a costly mistake to assume that every attorney is familiar with the many different state and federal laws governing nonprofit corporations. Nonprofit corporations are governed by a wide variety of unusual laws and complex IRS regulations that are very different from those that govern for-profit corporations. Our law office has the expertise and experience needed to give quick, and definitive answers to any questions or problems involving nonprofit law or nonprofit organizations.

We provide legal, organizational and financial assistance to hundreds of nonprofit organizations located throughout Oregon, across the country, and around the entire world.

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DAVID ATKIN - Director and Attorney for Nonprofit Support Services

David Atkin is the Founder and Director of Nonprofit Support Services, a law office exclusively for nonprofit organizations. He sincerely believes in and is committed to his office motto, "We help the people who change the world." David has been deeply involved in the nonprofit sector for over 40 years, since he was 17 years old. He has provided specialized legal services for nonprofit organizations for over 25 years, and has worked for over a thousand nonprofit organizations located all over the country, and all around the world.

David is a recognized expert on nonprofit law and was recently selected to be the Founding Chair of the Oregon State Bar's new legal section on "Nonprofit Organizations Law." David regularly presents seminars and workshops on nonprofit law topics to a wide variety of audiences all around the country, including seminars for the board members and staff of charitable, educational and religious organizations, advocacy organizations, mutual benefit organizations, as well as seminars for the CPAs and Attorneys who advise them.

In addition to his JD in Law, David has a BA in Biological and Environmental Sciences, an MA in Environmental Management, and a certificate of specialization in Environmental and Natural Resource Law. He was an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Oregon Law School for ten years, where he taught Public Land Law, Indian Law, Water Law and a variety of other courses for the Environment and Natural Resource Law Department.

In addition to his legal work in the USA, David also works with many international nonprofit organizations in third world countries. He worked for many years in Outer Mongolia, where he helped the government develop an entire new system of environmental laws following the collapse of their previous Soviet style government.

David's wife Lori Maddox shares his passion for nonprofit work and protecting the environment. Lori is the Associate Director of Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-Law), and she travels around the world regularly to work with public interest organizations and public interest lawyers and scientists in developing countries.

David and Lori have two sons, Carson and Tyee, and love to go white water rafting, camping, hiking and generally pursuing adventures with them in the great outdoors.

David and his family have a family farm in southern Oregon, which is now a protected land trust and legacy farm. They share a passion for country life, and they love to spend time working and playing together on their family farm. David loves doing carpentry projects at their farm, and has designed and built two houses, doing virtually all of the design, carpentry, plumbing and electrical wiring work himself.

David worked as a Smokejumper for the U.S. Forest Service for ten years, parachuting into remote mountainous areas to fight forest fires. He is an experienced outdoorsman and loves white-water rafting, hiking, recreational tree climbing and scuba diving. He has worked for the City of Eugene as a part-time instructor at the city's "Ropes Course" at the Spencer Butte Challenge Course. When he can take time to get far away from the office, David likes to travel to Outer Mongolia to go riding across the Asian Steppes, sharing traditional nomadic life with Mongolian nomads.

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Our office building is a lovely and interesting house that has been formally recognized as a Historic Landmark in Eugene, called the "Historic Skinner House." The Historic Skinner House is a classic, almost completely intact Craftsman Bungalow that was built for Milo and Emma Skinner in 1920-1922.

About Our Office:

=> Skinner House
=> Milo Skinner
=> Lowell Smith
=> Solar Power

Its Bungalow architectural style was developed in this country as an American alternative to the excesses and pretentiousness of the ornate Victorian and Gothic architectural styles favored in England and Europe and frequently copied by the rich upper class in America. The Crafstsman Bungalow architectural style was intended to encourage a more democratic, open, casual and sensible style of housing for the American middle class, and intended to be a physical manifestation of the more equalitarian American values.

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Nonprofit Support Services strives to create a progressive workplace that stresses social responsibility and respects the needs of all who work here. We are a "family friendly" office that provides the flexibility needed by people with young children and aging parents and we try to meet the demands made by evolving family responsibilities and stages of life. We provide generous paid vacation time and flexible leave for our staff, and encourage them use the time for family, special interests and travel because we know that people who achieve an interesting balance between their work and play are happier and more productive.

Our staff also enjoy spending time together and often plan activities such as game days, office lunches, holiday parties, and summer "lunch circles" in which we rotate hosting lunches for each other in our homes and gardens.

To encourage community involvement and support, our office matches charitable donations from our staff of up to $100 per year, and we give our staff paid time off to work as volunteers for local nonprofit organizations.

Finally, we strive to be an environmentally sustainable office. We have installed solar photovoltaic panels on our roof to generate the electricity we use, and practice conservation by using energy efficient lights and appliances, and by recycling everything possible. David drives an "ultra low emissions vehicle" gas-electric hybrid car for his business travel to meetings and Board Training Seminars around the state.

PROFILE: "Saving the planet, one camel at a time"

David Atkin was interviewed by Jeff Wright for the May 4th, 2005 Register-Guard.

You can read the article here: David Atkin article (PDF, 134K)

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