Who Are We

ATKIN & ASSOCIATES CENTER FOR NONPROFIT LAW works exclusively with nonprofit organizations.

Our office motto is “Helping The People Who Change The World,” and that is how we view our job. We passionately believe in and support the vital work done by our nonprofit clients – who feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, help the sick and injured, eliminate poverty, protect the environment, work for worldwide peace and cooperation, support the rights of indigenous peoples, protect human and civil rights, prevent cruelty to animals, defend the innocent, protect human health and safety, enrich society with art and music, operate schools and educate the young, expand religion and spirituality, promote economic justice and economic opportunities, encourage socially responsible business, and provide opportunities for people to share and enjoy their social and recreational pursuits … and in all of these ways to make this a better world. We do everything we can to help each of our nonprofit clients accomplish its own unique and important mission.

We are uniquely specialized and trained to provide nonprofit organizations with high-quality legal advice and organizational guidance in an area of law often overlooked, or practiced as a “sideline” by other lawyers. It can be a costly mistake to assume that every attorney is familiar with the many different state and federal laws governing nonprofit corporations. Nonprofit corporations are governed by a wide variety of unusual laws and complex IRS regulations that are very different from those that govern for-profit corporations. Our office has the expertise and experience needed to give quick, affordable, and definitive answers to any questions or problems involving nonprofit law or nonprofit organizations.

We provide legal, organizational, and moral support to hundreds of nonprofit organizations located throughout Oregon, across the country, and around the world.

Meet The Team

David Atkin

Director and Attorney for Atkin & Associates Center For Nonprofit Law

David Atkin is the Founder and Director of Center For Nonprofit Law.  David has been deeply involved in the nonprofit sector for over 35 years and has worked with thousands of nonprofit organizations.

David is a recognized expert on nonprofit law and he regularly presents seminars and workshops on nonprofit law topics to a wide variety of audiences.  David has been a planner and coordinator for the Oregon State Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Seminars on Advising Nonprofit Corporations in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.  He also regularly gives specialized seminars for CPAs and other professionals who advise or lead nonprofit organizations, more…

Rosalie Westenskow


Rosalie loves working with organizations to help them achieve their goals.

She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in journalism. Before going to law school, she worked as a reporter for Deseret News in Salt Lake City and a correspondent for United Press International in both Washington, D.C. and Oregon. While working for UPI, she covered energy issues in the U.S. Congress, which inspired her interest in the law and led her to law school at Lewis & Clark. During her time there, she worked at the L&C Legal Clinic, where she served low-income populations and realized what a difference a good lawyer can make in someone’s life.

Elizabeth Albrecht

Client Support Coordinator

Elizabeth works closely with David on everything involved in the initial establishment of nonprofit organizations, including helping with Articles of Incorporation, the preparation of Bylaws, the registration of new organizations with the Oregon Department of Justice, annual reports at the State level, the annual renewal of corporate status, and similar matters. She also oversees the office calendar and scheduling of David’s meetings. Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Oregon More…

Right Hand Man

Joel is our office behind the scenes Jack of all trades. He works on aspects of all of our services including New Nonprofit packages, Tax Exempt applications, Annual Reports, office marketing, and office IT support. Joel records music, and does some occasional acting. He began working for us temporarily—four years ago- We just couldn’t let him go!

  • “Without your expertise and patience, the path to incorporation and, certainly, to tax exempt status would have been overwhelming.” –Titanic Lifeboat Academy

  • “Could have NEVER done it without you…Thank you for everything! You have been there for us from day one.” –Strawberry Mountain Mustangs

  • “I just wanted to tell you how delighted all of us at Wherever the Need are with your services. You can be sure that I will recommend [Center for Nonprofit Law] to anyone who needs non-profit legal assistance.” –Wherever the Need

  • “On behalf of the Bridgeway House board, I’d like to thank you for your outstanding facilitation of our board retreat on Saturday. We so appreciate your skill in addressing a number of issues that have troubled the board this last year.” –Bridgeway House

  • “I appreciate your quick response, review, and your mindfulness of our budget.” –Siuslaw Watershed Council